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Christian D. Larson: Healing Yourself - eBook

Healing Yourself - eBook

There are many states and conditions of mind, and many stages in human development. Also, there are many special personal needs. Therefore, it is necessary to have many methods of healing and many ways to open the doors to personal emancipation and well being.


Upon the following pages many methods are presented, each one of which has proven its own efficacy and power in no uncertain manner; indeed, each one of these methods has helped its thousands and its tens of thousands, and will continue to do so.


The reader is advised, therefore, to study each chapter carefully so as to become thoroughly familiar with the place, the possibility and the application of each method, and selecting, for the present, those methods that make the deepest and most positive appeal. 


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  • ISBN: 978-999-2727-03-1
  • e-knjiga: DRM free
  • Prenosi: 4x ePUB & 4x AZW3 (Kindle) & 4x MOBI & 4x PDF
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